The Envy Game

Ladies, do you realise just how amazing your life is?
I  often see the posts with the perfect family snaps on Facebook – bright, happy well behaved children, the beautiful make up, gym bodies and organised homes. The snaps of the drinks with best friends, New lovers and the husbands that still look deeply into your eyes after 15 years together. Promotions, New cars, holiday snaps from exotic looking places. You women look like you are having the most fantastic time of your lives, doing EVERYTHING.
And then there is me. And I feel like I’m letting the side down. My hair hasn’t even been brushed yet this morning and its 11am, my life is a hectic shambles, I’m not always happy, my kids aren’t picture perfect, and the photos of me from last weekend don’t even make it on social media they look that bad! It’s easy to sink into a cloud of envy and self-loathing if you aren’t careful.
But I realised something profound the other day. An off the cuff comment from an online friend – ‘wow you are always doing exciting things, you have a fantastic life’ she said. Do I? I thought. And then it kind of hit me, that to some people, I’M precisely one of those ‘perfect’ women with the ‘perfect’ life! (ok maybe not the gym body haha). And I saw myself through an outsiders eyes. The working mum with everything so well put together it looks to all the world as if my life is the pinnacle of perfectionism. I work running my own successful business, I have 4 brilliant kids, a lovely home, a funny, caring, supportive, amazing husband. Hell I even have a damn good relationship with the ex husband. (That’s all true by the way)
But what you don’t see is that I also have a washing pile the size of Ben Nevis, bad skin, and it usually sounds like world war 3 has started after 10 minutes of the kids playing minecraft. But we gloss over those bits on Facebook don’t we? How many selfies do you take before you are happy enough with one to upload it?


Only 27 shots at various angles before I got one I felt I didn’t look too bad in 😂😂😂
I guess there are two things I’m trying to say ladies,
1. People put the best of their lives in the public domain so you can guarantee for every brilliant photo, every exciting status, every achievement posted on line, there have been a load of boring, tedious days in that person’s life, days where everything has gone wrong, they’ve woken up with doubts and felt like crap, and their life has been anything but perfect, just to balance it out.
2. Someone somewhere is thinking how amazing your life sounds right now, and maybe, just maybe, we need to be grateful for what we have, chaos and all


12 thoughts on “The Envy Game

  1. Aww great post!! I have to admit, I don’t post pictures when my hairs a mess, the kids have odd clothes on, or my messy house, hehe!! Sometimes I do look at peoples pictures and think they seam to have everything though…

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  2. This is so true! I often get envious of other people’s social media feeds (especially Instagram) but don’t think that maybe mine looks just as perfect from outside. I think we need to take every perfectly posed shot with a pinch of salt and remember that just out of shot is probably a tantruming toddler or pile of washing.
    Alana x

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  3. I know what it is like when taking photographs. It takes more than one just to find a great photograph. I am the one behind the camera, while my wife or daughter are in front the lens. Such a great post and it was a joy to read.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M.

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  4. I think online we always try to the show the best of ourselves, so it might be that others think ‘Oh wow look at her’ but the reality might be a bit different x


  5. I completely agree. I mostly share my best self online which is why you don’t see much of me online but if you take a look at today’s vlog then it’s so not my best self. We should always be grateful, so many people are struggling around the world we should count our blessings


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